Film Transfers

Transfer Your Home Movies  to DVD!

AUA Digital Post has 15+  years of experience

All Orders Done In House! We Do Not SubContract Work Out.

8mm, Super 8mm & 16mm film reels
Tranfers to hard drive  or  DVD
Options for web output, editing & archival projects

Per Reel Charge:
3 inch reel  $10
5 inch reel  $30
7 inch reel  $60
DVD Mastering/up to 2 hrs. $30

Additional Film & DVD Services
Copy to Client Provided Hard Drive 1-30 min. $30,  30-60 min.  $45
Editing & Titling & Archiving
Additional DVD Copies Start at $8.50 (more copies of Master, less cost per DVD)

Reel Sizing & Length  

Most old home movies were recorded on 3 inch 50ft reels which allowed about 3-4 minutes of film. These larger reels are composed of 3 inch reels spliced together. Reels usually range from 100 to 400 feet of film.  We can help you figure out what youve got or you can schedule an appointment time to bring in your box of reels & tapes for an estimate.

Walk In Hours:

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Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri,10am-5pm
Saturdays (By Appointment) 9am-Noon


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