Our Programs & Clients

Just a few of our produced programs & clients..

A Selling System 5 Steps To Success


Air Resources Guide To Pollution Prevention For Wood Finishers

Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Trade Show Presentation

American Airlines

Baxter Microscan, Conference Taping


BDO Presentation

Beating the Odds (Music Vid  ⇒  Award Winner)

Californias Global Economy Marketing Push

CSEA Throughout the Years (Documentary   ⇒  Award Winner)

Coca Cola Volunteer Program

Detective Jack (Public Ed  ⇒ Award Winner)

Discovery Channel

Folsom Symphony Performance Filming

Galt California, A History PBS Documentary Program

Get Out The Vote

Gone Public

Heat is On (Music Vid  ⇒  Award Winner)

Nehemiah (Award Winner for New Digital Media)

Sacramento County Committed To Excellence (Training  ⇒  Award Winner)

Sutter Hospitals

The Today Show

The River That Never Was PBS Documentary Program

This Is Sacramento (Award Winner)

University of San Diego

University of California, Davis